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Meet the 2021 Chairman

I am honored to be the Chairman of the Heat Exchanger World Americas Conference & Expo 2021. This is a wonderful event that gives the heat transfer community an opportunity to come together and accomplish new industry goals by sharing the latest inventions and practical solutions, as well as cost, time, and environmental saving opportunities available on the market.

The United States (U.S.) is currently the world’s leading producer of both oil and natural gas, with Houston, TX being the Energy Capital of the world. To host the Heat Exchanger World Americas 2021 Conference in Pasadena, will be an excellent networking experience. The conference will shed light on today’s latest findings and will give industry professionals a chance to share experiences in heat transfer equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance, safety, and efficiency for all end users, oil and gas refineries and chemical plants, EPC companies, fabricators, vendors, and manufacturers.

As our world faces rapid global warming and increased greenhouse gases (GHG) due to combustion of fossil fuels, the heat exchanger and heat transfer sectors must learn to adapt. Suitably, Carbon Capture technology and new regulations in oil and gas production will help minimize GHG emissions, while provide the demand for clean energies such as biofuel, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and renewable energy, all of which, are huge markets for heat transfer equipment. New inventions and studies to increase the efficiency of heat transfer equipment will play a big role in achieving a low carbon industry.

As we look to meet this December, join us at the Heat Exchanger World Americas 2021 Conference with your ideas and topics focused on design, performance, and efficiency in the oil and gas, and renewable and clean energy industries.

I am looking forward to a fantastic conference and would like to take this opportunity to thank our event sponsors, event organizers KCI Publishing, and the Steering Committee for providing the innovation and enthusiasm to build a great event program.

Best Regards,

Naomi Jabbari, P.E.
S&B Engineers & Constructors
Houston, TX

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